School trip to Beamish

On Tuesday October 2nd, 2018, children from Years 1 to 4 travelled back in time 100 years, on our trip to Beamish Open Air Museum. This trip was funded by the organisers of the Stannington Parish Centenary Event.
During the day, Years 1 and 2 went shopping in the town with their shillings and pence to buy items to pack in some parcels to send to soldiers serving on the front line. They met the mother of one soldier, George, and she explained to them about the different things he wanted her to send.
Years 3 and 4 found out about a day in the life of a soldier and the equipment that soldiers would have used during WWI.
Everyone went to the village schoolhouse and discovered how different school was back in 1918. We had some lessons in the classroom and played with some traditional toys in the yard.
It was an amazing day and the experience really brought history to life for the children. This gave them some real experiences to draw upon when they continue their learning back at school.