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Making Shadufs
(Ethan and Ben)
A shaduf was used in Ancient Egyptian times to help farmers get water from the River Nile to their crops. the Nile flooded every year and helped the crops to grow. Usually they're made out of wood, a bucket and rope. They built them by putting wooden planks together to make a frame then put another piece of wood over the top. Then they attached a weight before using a piece of rope to carry a bucket. 
Year 4 have been designing and making their own shadufs. We were pleased to finish and to find they worked. We took pictures of them and turned them into photo collages - here are some of them:
Tag Rugby Tournament - October 2019
(Jess and Lula)
A few weeks ago, our teachers planned a trip to Morpeth Rugby Club for Year 4. Not many of us were looking forward to it but when we started we all enjoyed it! We didn't win any trophies, but we did win some of the games we played. It was a fun experience!
Take One Picture - the first few weeks!
(Freddie and Oscar)
For the first few weeks of term, we had a topic called 'Take One Picture'. The picture was called 'The Flight of the Swallows' by John Henry Lorimer. We started out by writing questions using different openers such as 'What are they looking at?' and 'Why is there no furniture?'
As soon as we knew it, we were having lots of fun making things for the Make, Bake, Grow Show. We drew, wrote and made and made some more until finally it was time for the show. We were really proud of our entries. Some people were awarded first, second and third place.
Have a look at some of the photos below of our amazing work: