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Sporting achievements 
Our Rugby sessions in school really paid off as we were runners up in the Morpeth Schools Rugby competition in October. Well done Year 3 and 4!
Judo session
Remembering WW1
In class we looked at WW1 poetry and wrote our own poems using the story of Percy the Horse and Peter the Cat, Stanningtons very own WW1 animal heroes, as inspiration.
From Farm to Field
The cat and the horse lived a peaceful life,
Galloping in the field happily.
For Europe came under German’s might,
The cat sunbathing on the rock happily.
Peter and Percy travelled to fight,
On a train far away from home.
Quickly marching with the Hussars,
Walking with horses from farms and fields.
On a train to a hideous place so bizarre.
Peter eating bits of the soldiers meals,
Now on a boat to a place so far.
Fighting in Flanders fields!
Chasing rats in harrowing trenches,
Saving lives pulling heavy carts.
Across No Man’s land,
People everywhere getting scars.
Tons of dirty sand,
Scaring cats, horses and man.
The cat and the horses are as brave as a soldier.
By Harry