Numbots is an online learning platform which is accessed through the TimesTables Rockstars login. The game is aimed at boosting addition and subtraction skills for children of all ages.


All children start at the same place in Story Mode, and when they get to a certain stage they unlock Challenge Modes. The idea is that they play little and often, and this will significantly improve their understanding of number bonds and addition and subtraction facts.

Logins will be sent home by the class teachers. If you don't have one, please get in touch.


Click the picture below to go to the website.

The success of Times Tables Rockstars in encouraging children to master instant recall of times table and division facts, across our KS1 and 2 classes, has shown a noticeable improvement in the resilience and ability of our pupils. To helps support our pupils across EYFS and KS1 to further develop their skills with mental addition and subtraction we have decided to use Numbots.
We want our children to develop a real love for maths and increase their number sense. We feel Numbots will help! More importantly, children in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 can access the games.
At school we will allow children access to Numbots through our ipads and use the app as an intervention tool in Key stages 1 and 2.  At home, we'd like all of our children to play at least twice a week for ten minutes or more. The approach of little and often will build up our child's stamina, resilience, number sense/skills and attitudes towards maths.
Our children will have a detailed knowledge of addition and subtraction within 10/20 by the beginning of Year 2 and use acquired skills and knowledge to apply them to new learning. They will speak positively about the subject and relish a challenge.
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