Maths Challenges - Years 1-4

At Stannington we value parental support. We ask that you and your child work on these Maths Challenge activities. The maths challenge sheets include the main facts that the children need to recall and use by the end of the academic year. These facts are broken down into twelve targets, each given a colour.
They are introduced during maths lessons and reinforced regularly but further practise at home is extremely helpful. One target at a time will be stuck in to your child’s Home/School book.
  • Regular practise is more effective than one longer session a week. The children don’t always need to write something down. They may Practise orally. 
  • There are lots of activities on the School 360 Learning platform that will support these challenges.
  • Regular assessment takes place in school, during maths lessons.
  • When your child is confident with a particular ‘colour’ on the challenge sheet then their next target challenge will be stuck into the back of their Home/ School book.
Maths Challenge Set 1
Maths Challenge Set 2
Maths Challenge Set 3