Green Team

The aims of our Green Team are to improve the environment around school, making it more bio-diverse, eco-friendly and litter free.
This year, the Green Team have worked exceptionally hard to improve 4 focus areas around the school; Biodiversity, Energy, Litter and Transport. We have implemented many new things including: scooter and bike pods, water saving taps and additional bird houses for our grounds.
The Green Team followed a rota to ensure that the lights were switched off and any litter was picked up. Meal wastage was recorded every day by the children and efforts were made to reduce food wastage by altering portion sizes and involving the children in the menu choices.
As a result of the Green Team's hard work and the support of all the children and staff, we were awarded the prestigious Green Flag award. The Green Team aim to continue our hard work to ensure that our school remains eco-friendly and the children care for the environment around us.
The Green Team are elected every September and the new team will be ensuring that our school maintain our Green Flag so watch this space for lots of Green Team news!
If you want to find out more about Eco-Schools, click on the link below!