Eco-School: Green Flag

In July 2019, we were re-awarded the
Eco Schools Green Flag award
Congratulations everyone!
The Green Team are elected every September and the children work as part of a team to strive towards our annual Eco goals.
The aims of our Green Team are to improve the environment around school, making it more bio-diverse, eco-friendly and free from unnecessary waste. As a result of the Green Team's hard work and the support of all the children and staff, we were awarded the prestigious Green Flag award in 2017. The Green Team aim to continue our hard work to ensure that our school remains eco-friendly and the children care for the environment around us.
This year, the Green Team are working exceptionally hard to improve 5 focus areas around the school;

Biodiversity, Waste, Marine, School Grounds and Healthy Living. 

We are also planning to focus on Transport as an additional area to benefit our Healthy Living area. 
To find out more about Eco Schools, click the link below:
June 2019
This month KS1 and KS2 children are taking part in the 'Plastic Investigators' competition! We are doing our bit to help educate people across the world about the dangers of plastic overuse and how we can choose alternatives to help save our oceans. 
We'll keep you posted with some of our entries soon...
June 2019
This month we have taken part in the Mode Shift Stars programme to focus on cycling, scooting and walking to school to reduce car emissions. 
We had a wonderful walk to school week before half term and we noticed the effort lots of people had made to walk, wheel or park and stride. Well done everyone who took part!
For the remainder of this term we will continue this project and have weekly 'Walk to school Wednesdays' as well as exciting 'Bikers Breakfasts'. On a Tuesday and a Thursday pupils can bring their wheeled transport and enjoy a free breakfast before school. There will be obstacle courses and tracks at play time for the children to use their scooters, etc. 
Marine       March 2019
At the beginning of this school year we stopped using the disposable milk cartons (200ml size) as they had a plastic inner coating and came with a plastic straw. Instead, we gathered the cups we already had around the school and worked out the daily usage of milk per class. We then calculated how many large 6 pint size milk cartons we would need in school each week. 
So far, we have stopped hundreds of single use plastic cartons and straws getting thrown away and we are very proud of this!
Red Nose Day - Comic Relief
As part of one of our aims, to reduce the use of single use plastic in our school, we have decided to ask parents not to buy red noses for Red Nose Day 2019. Instead, we have asked parents to send in a donation for a red nose to be painted on using face paint. Red noses cost £1.25 to buy but only 65p goes to Comic Relief. All of the donations sent into school will go to the charity and we will also be reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill sites. We will paint our red noses in school on Friday 15th March. 
February - March 2019
This month the school has taken part in the Big Battery Hunt. We all received battery boxes to take home and search for any old batteries that could be recycled.
Take a look at our collection so far below. We are also planning to take part in the Great Big School Clean Up in March. (See the poster above)
January 2019 - Biodiversity
A member of the Alnwick and Districts Bee Keepers Association kindly visited the school and gave us advice on how to make our school more bee - friendly. We also discussed the possibility of creating a local partnership with a bee keeper so that the children could have more understanding about this important species.
At the moment, our work with our meadow is ongoing and we were very lucky to be chosen to receive some Grow Bags from the 'Innocent' company. 
This month children from all year groups have also taken part in the Big Schools Birdwatch to help the RSPB understand which types of birds are visiting our gardens. We then interpreted and presented our data in many ways in our Maths lessons. 
November / December 2018
School Grounds
Fern class and green team have been designing a new garden to turn the old 'Secret Garden' into an Eco garden space. The children learnt about writing letters and using persuasive language / features of non-fiction texts. They used these different writing styles to write to companies in the North East for support with our garden. We were very lucky to receive a generous grant from Lowes. 
Our work is starting soon... watch this space!
See below for pictures and the children's plans / letters. 
 November 2018 - Waste / Energy
The Green Team followed a rota this month to ensure that the lights were switched off at every possibility for 2 whole weeks. They also spoke to the school in assembly to teach everybody ways we can save energy around the school and explain the importance for helping the environment. The 2 weeks was very successful, well done Green Team!
September 2018  - Healthy Living 
As part of our healthy living push this year we have started something called the 'daily mile'. This involves all children trying to run the equivalent of a mile around our playground after the daily assembly. 
The Daily Mile is a simple but ground-breaking initiative, encouraging primary schools and nurseries to take children outside running for  10-15 minutes each day. ... INEOS is backing The Daily Mile campaign due to its passionate belief in the importance of getting children active and healthy from a young age. 
Pumpkin Update 21.6.18 :

The children were very excited to see the progress of our pumpkins. Check them out:
June 2018
We have decided to have a big focus on biodiversity for the next few months. Green team are hopeful that our new pond will encourage some frogs and new insects to visit. They also wanted to make a meadow that would attract more butterflies and bees. We have allowed the grass to grow long in a dedicated area behind our new pond. Here are the children scattering seeds, we will post picture updates as our meadow begins to bloom! 
May 2018
We have been started planting some vegetables and flowers on our nature trail. We have planted carrots, rhubarb, onions, radishes and pumpkins. We hope to use these in our kitchen when they are ready!
We also cleaned up the planters and tidied up any stray weeds. We always make sure any waste materials from the school grounds get composted.