Pupils love coming to school. They are happy and safe in this nurturing environment. Ofsted Nov 2022

Visitor Feedback

To the staff and children in Year 2,
We would just like to thank you all for welcoming us into your school and allowing us to watch a forest school session. We were so impressed with what you were doing and your team work and positivty were incredible.
You are all amazing!
From the staff at Thomas Bewick Campus in Ashington
April 2021
I did want to say I had so much fun working at your school, I can't deny it ranks up there with some of the most enjoyable training I have delivered in my 13 years doing this job, your teachers were amazing and all of your pupils were a pleasure to work with, I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
I want to spend some time here and congratulate you and your staff on how much hard work you have all put in to make your school a cycling/active school.
I have been doing this job for many years and I have worked in many schools over that time. I have to admit the standard of cycling shown in your school from reception up to year 4 was outstanding. To deliver a Balance course to reception and have all, bar 2 of the pupils, balancing and gliding and almost all of them having a go on the pedal bike and mastering that skill, was mind blowing. 
Moving up the year  groups, it was a pleasure to see your pupils bring their own bikes in and want to show me how good they were at cycling. Every year group were outstanding in every way, showing a passion for cycling and being active, it was one of the best 2 weeks I have had in a school for a very long time.
Moving on to your staff, enthusiastic, helpful, friendly and very proactive in everything they taught, you have a wonderful team and we all know that starts at the top.
I'm aware you are in the planning stages for a cycling/activity track on the school grounds. It's my professional opinion this will be one of the best investments you could make to encourage your pupils to be more active and to add in this facility will in my opinion open up your cycling options in a huge way. Having a medium sized playground that allows for some cycling is great, however this is quite restrictive when it comes to extended riding as the riders have to go round and round. Having the track will mean you can increase the number of ride time and skills learned.
Thank you once again for a lovely 2 weeks
April 2021
Feedback from The Cycle Partnership
Please can you pass on my pleasure about coming into school a few weeks ago
I spoke to Mr T about how well behaved the children were; they were polite and filed in beautifully.
They still had plenty of interaction and were fun and interested but not disruptive.
I was suitable impressed and wanted you all to know!
Kirstine Davis: Mustard Tree Trust February 2019