Pupils love coming to school. They are happy and safe in this nurturing environment. Ofsted Nov 2022

Parent/Carer Feedback

Maths in the Early Years: parent workshops
  • Very interactive andengaging - two time options, good to fit around work.
  • Great session giving us handy tips. Good to get parents together too - builds community.
  • Good fun, always great to have handy hints and tips with learning and homework.
  • Informative - not what I expected - fun!
  • Great tips for engaging parents with maths - thanks for the inspiration!
  • Really useful ideas to help learning at home!
  • Very useful to gain a perspective of the child's level and where we may be jumping ahead sometimes.
  • Very informative - I'm more appreciative of the need to go at my child's pace and develop their knowledge e.g counting along board games paces one jump at a time.
October 2022
Just a quick note of thanks to the class teachers.  Over the past year, after covid, and the return to normality it has been a challenging year. My daughter has been up and down with her learning and development but with the collaboration between the teacher and ourselves we have managed to get her to a more confident place ... her confidence and capabilities have really started to shine through this year.  
So a big thank you to the staff for all their help and support this last year, its meant a lot to us and we wanted to share our gratitude.
Years 2 and 3 parent July 2022
  • Fantastic welcoming ethos, great staff and my child is very happy here
  • I think the school fosters a great sense of community and provides a balanced level of academic, social and emotional focus for the children. I think the forest school time benefits this hugely.
  • Good variety of learning and doing things around mental heath and emotions.
  • Gives children a wide range of activities and subjects to learn from while making it fun. The weekly newsletters are very informative.
  • Goes above and beyond for the safety and well-being of the children.
  • I think students are happy and settle well.
  • Making the children feel a part of the school not just a number.
  • Forest School! Amazing! Letting the children be individuals. Being available to speak to on a daily basis at pick up or drop off.
  • Core values
  • Encouraging physical and mental health wellbeing.
  • Makes learning fun and engaging, allowing their continued development. Utilising new and different approaches to deal with varying abilities.
  • I think the school is very well run, the communication between the school and parents is positive and consistent. Mrs Palmer greets the children every morning and is highly respected. The school has high standards but is equally supportive. There is strong encouragement to support healthy living by the initiatives the school are involved in. Forest school and the facilities are amazing ie the experiences with the fire-pit and the other outdoor activities, no other school locally can compete. Extremely grateful to send my children to this school.
  • Nurturing the children.
  • Treats each child as an individual
  • The school does well in encouraging exploring and learning outdoors.
  • Makes everyone feel special and valued.
  • Social, emotional development. Behaviour. Academic progress.
  • Inclusive, supporting healthy happy children who are aware of wider issues, such as the environment.
March 2022
I just wanted to drop you a note to say a BIG THANK YOU to Mr Learoyd, Miss Straughn, Mr Brough, Ms Hedley, Mrs Patterson, the school and the Battle of Britain/WW2 Commemoration team for the wonderful opportunity today for year 3 children to visit Beamish.
After being in lock down for so long and the children not getting a normal education or opportunity to be with their friends it was great to see all the happy, smiling faces today.
On a personal note, my daughter loved the whole event and hasn't stopped talking about it since she came home.
Thank you once again
Year 3 family - November 2021
Reflecting on your child's time here at Stannington First, what are the strengths of our school? What do you think we do well?
  • Inclusive, community involvement, parental involvement encouraged, extra curricular activities and variety, daily feedback on current issues that may have happened.
  • Going above and beyond during Covid.
  • Forest school and outdoor learning. Flexibility for school meals.
  • The alignment of all the teachers to deliver the same goal.
  • Friendliness of staff who are all so professional and attentive to the children. The subject range is so good
  • Communication
Year 4 parents: Leaver's survey - July 2021
Hi all at Stannington First school!
I'm sorry that I couldn't be there to say goodbye today but wanted to send a huge thank you to you all for being so wonderful at what you do! For giving our daughter such a great start in life, helping her grow and making her such the happy little girl she is now! All of her teachers and staff have been such a credit to the school and for getting us through COVID and what has been such a challenging 18 months with her always leaving with a hug smile is testament to your wonderful work!
We both agreed what a special place Stannington First School is and we will miss you all very much! Take care! 
Parent feedback - March 2021
We are very grateful to our son's teachers for the fantastically detailed weekly timetable. He is really enjoying all the activities and loved his first live lesson for story time his teacher today! Thank you! 
Parent feedback - Remote Learning January 2021
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for how fantastic the lessons both online and on Google classroom has been today for both boys.  We really appreciate it.
Parent feedback - January 2021
We are really happy with daily live lessons, modelling writing on Loom, clear weekly timetable, supportive and positive comments on the Class Stream section and answering Private Comments promptly and providing supportive and positive feedback when 'turning in' online work. Thank you all very much; your hard work is greatly appreciated!!!
We really do appreciate all you are doing, teachers are going above and beyond for the children learning from home. Thank you
We would like to personally thank all of the staff at the school for your hard work. We feel extremely lucky that our daughter is part of school with such strong values and a caring environment.
Remote Learning: Parent feedback - January 2021

I just wanted to give some positive feedback during what I imagine are challenging times for you and all your team... thank you to you and everyone else for all your hard work and continuing to provide a safe and happy school. Parent feedback - January 2021


As we are not able to say goodbye in person at the end of term we thought we would send a little message this way!  Our daughter has had a fantastic time in nursery, she has loved being in your class.  Thank you to all the staff, both in the classroom and throughout the school who have made it so enjoyable for her she has had such a wonderful introduction to school life and she cannot wait to start reception in September.
Nursery parent - July 2020
I do truly believe we have a magical network in that that school and also the  community. 
Have a wonderful break and looking forward to seeing you all again after the holidays.
Parent end of term message - July 2019
I just wanted to give some feedback on the football tournament this weekend.

What an absolute legend Mr T is! The way manages the kids is unreal and an absolute pleasure to watch. He knows exactly what each kids needs on an individual level. Whether that be praise, direction, reassured, reigned in. To watch our lot feel safe, feel part of an actual team, understand what a team is, enjoy themselves, respect each other, was just so lovely. He got the best out of everyone there, and he did it so perfectly.
The kids lost their final match. However, the regrouping of some very emotional, heart broken little children, and a fantastic team talk to them about how to handle defeat with dignity actually nearly made me cry!
With my daughter leaving Stannington next week, I wanted to thank all her teachers for doing such a splendid job. 
Year 4 parent - Football tournament: July 2019
The parade was amazing, we are blessed that our son is in Stannington School.
It's all been completely amazing. A fantastic effort from so many people. Also brilliant for our children to learn about the importance of the World Wars in our history. Fabulous - well done! 
A fantastic event, well organised and really enjoyable. A lovely way to remember and bring the community together. A lot of hard work, much appreciated - thanks.
Parent feedback re: the Centenary Event November 2018
I'd like to praise the amazing staff and children for a great sport's day. Such a well organised event and it was lovely watching the older children looking after the younger ones. The older boy who looked after my daughter was extremely patient, caring and supportive. It was lovely to see!
Thank you so much!
Nursery parent - July 2018
We wanted to thank you for the week our son spent with yourself, the staff and students. He is, as you know, quite a quiet chap and he came home with such enthusiasm and energy following the week at your school. He talks with great admiration and fondness of the time spent and it certainly has done a great deal to improve his self esteem and confidence.
Parent of work experience student - July 2018